Fire Risk Assessments



It is vital that all commercially used buildings comply with the Fire Safety Regulations.  We are able to asses your properties to determine if they meet current required standards.  this process does not have to be expensive but could save money in the long term.


This regime of fire safety legislation came into force on 1st October 2006 and affects employers and those who are responsible for non-domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential premises.


Self-employed people and the voluntary sector are also brought within this regime. 

The Order simplified, rationalised and consolidated fire safety legislation and it provides for a risk-based approach to fire safety, allowing more efficient and effective enforcement by the fire and rescue service.


At the heart of this legislation, is the need for the ‘responsible person’ for each premises to ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out by a competent person. This is an organised appraisal of your work activities and the workplace to enable you to identify potential fire hazards, and to decide who (including employees and visitors) might be in danger in the event of fire, and their location.


The competent person will then evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide whether the existing fire precautions are adequate, or whether more needs to be done. This risk assessment needs to be subject to regular review.


Having a living breathing document that complies with the legislation is vital for any place of work.  In some instances the legislation is being complied with unknowingly but it is much more likely that with a few minor improvements and alterations you will have a safer working environment that meets the required standards.


The cost of a FRA starts as low as £150.  Like alot of Health and Safety a fresh pair of eyes looking at a site/building can pick up a few minor items that may help in the event of a fire.  Keeping records is a major part of any Fire Management Strategy.  If you can prove that you have taken resonable steps to comply with the law and mitigate a fire then you are less likly to have a fire and injuries and damage are likely to be reduced also.


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