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Pardoes Land & Property is a nich business looking after property for clients in Scotland and Northern England.  With a wealth of experiance in Estate Mangemant we take pride in developing farms and estates while maintaining tradition and client specific values.


We now specialise in Asbestos Surveying and Fire Risk Management and have advised large and small property owners from some of the largest estates in the UK to independant retailers.  These are two areas that have seen increased legislation in recent years and should be at the forfront of all property owners.


We cover all aspects of land managment from tax planning to compulsory purchase and environmental management to property sales.  Uniquly we also have an Asbestos Surveying department resulting from the onerouse change in legislation affecting all non domestic proeprties in the United Kingdom.  We complete Asbestos Mangement Surveys, Asbestos Refubishment Surveys and Asbestos Demolition Surveys in compliance with the HSE requirements.


We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. 


Robert Pardoe

Phone: 07977 228648


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