Rural Consultancy

Residential Services

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your property Pardoes Land and Property can help you find your ideal place, or to realise the maximum value when you sell. With an unsurpassed network of selling agents and contacts developed over a number of years, I can help clients to see the best properties both on the market and more importantly not yet live to the open market.

We manage rent roles for clients ensuring that the correct rent is paid when it is due and that rent reviews are carried out when they are required, ensuring that your assets are realising the best return they can.

Agricultural Services/Joint Ventures

With profit margins forever being squeezed in the agricultural sector identifying alternative approaches is becoming ever more important. Through good implementation of licences, tenancies and joint venture agreements we are able to help in maximising farm and estate income. Having the right agreement is not only vital for annual income but can have a significant bearing on tax planning. Working with other advisors we aim to save you and your business money for today and the future.

Grant Funding

With the ever changing requirements of the CAP keeping up-to-date with the RPA’s rules and regulations requires constant monitoring. However obtaining grants is an important part of any land based business and an opportunity that needs to be taken when offered. Many clients can get grants for work that they are already carrying out. Through the governments ‘Whole Farm Approach’ it is indeed possible to add value through new and existing schemes.

Compulsory Purchase

Many utility companies have a right to enter your land for the installation and maintenance of national infrastructure. They will always be working to a dead line and will not wait for better weather or harvest to have finished. Obtaining the correct compensation, which can affect yields for years in to the future, is vital.

Pardoes Land and Property are experienced in working for land owners, famers and utility companies giving us a unique view of how both sides think and operate allowing us to maximise compensation to you.

Landlord and Tenant

At Pardoes we understand that the relationship between Landlord and Tenant is important. Often many generations of the same family will work together and that in itself is of significant value.

We have an in-depth understanding of landlord and tenant law in the agricultural, residential and commercial sectors allowing us to advise proficiently on your rights and obligations to maintain that good will and often avoiding possible disputes.

We regularly work with legal advisors to make sure you get the most appropriate advice. Our services include; written tenancy agreements, rent reviews, Lease renewals or extensions, end-of-tenancy claims and dilapidations, improvements and other matters, succession advice and dispute resolution.

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